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I Am Not The Same Girl: RENEWED Written by Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson


In this astonishing book you will receive knowledge of how Stacy tackled her challenges as a childhood star. For Stacy success and fame came at the tender age of 12 years old but it came with a price! Although the events of her life would endure stardom and pain her personality comes through as down to earth, straight forward and sincere. Throughout her memoir Stacy's tone is from the heart rather than polished or sophisticated. It is clear that the woman behind the words is not a professional writer, however her personality comes through as clearly as the story she sets out to tell. This book will inspire all who read it because what she refers to as pain and suffering led her to her purpose! Although "I Am Not The Same Girl-RENEWED" will not take you long to experience some of what the author endured, the components of her book make for a compelling story and an inspirational read. The R&B music industry demanded more than she could give!
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